Vinyl Siding Colors

If you are interested in adding siding to your home, you will find many options but without doubt, vinyl siding is the best choice. Not only does it wear well, but it also looks the best, burns slowly in case of house fire, single panels can be replaced if necessary, and it comes in many wonderful colors. Since not everyone has the same color or color combination home, you will enjoy the different colors of vinyl siding to match or enhance the look.

Years ago, the choices of vinyl siding colors were limited but today, you will find just about anything on the market and if you cannot locate what you need, some companies will custom make colors. In addition to choosing just one color, you can also go with vinyl siding in various color combinations. Because some of the older vinyl siding panels faded somewhat, people were careful in the color chosen. However, today's materials do not fade as quickly, meaning you can now become a little bolder with your selection and not worry about fading.

For vinyl siding, the pigmentation is baked into the panels rather than just being applied to the surface. Therefore, in addition to not worrying about vinyl siding colors, you also do not need to worry about scratching. Keep in mind that vinyl siding comes in many different qualities so go with the best you can afford and even then, expect that in about five to seven years, there will be slight fading. That means if you need to have a panel replaced, the color may not match. Now, one option is to paint the siding, which some people do.

To give you some ideas of the wonderful vinyl siding colors now available, consider the following choices but remember these are just a few samples:

  • Antique Parchment
  • Natural Linen
  • Coastal Sage
  • Mystic Blue
  • Adobe Cream
  • Colonial Ivory
  • Silver Moss
  • Monterey Sand
  • Tuscan Clay
  • Maple
  • Autumn Red
  • Ivy

Therefore, if you wanted some added pizzazz to your home or if you have an old Victoria style home where lots of color is appropriate, you could make the main portion of the house Colonial Ivory but then enhance it with many different colors of vinyl siding such as Mystic Blue or Coastal Sage and Autumn Red.

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